Real Time
Open Source


Established in 1989 by Chris, Contemporary Software (CS) is a software engineering services company who supports engineering teams developing complex embedded digital systems. CS specialises in real-time software, tooling, application architecture, hardware integration, configuration management. Chris has been an active part of the open source community since the early 1990's, contributing and maintaining RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor Systems) since 1992. He is a founding board member of the RTEMS Foundation and has been mentoring students in open source as part of the Google Summer of Code program for 15 years.


Through his work with RTEMS Chris helps organise various training programs for software engineers working in embedded real time software. The courses are taught by Dr. Joel Sherrill who was part of the original team to develop and design RTEMS. They are open to all individuals working in companies, groups and projects, as well as individuals who request private training. Moreover, Chris enjoys engaging with young software engineers all over the world who are passionate about open source software to help develop their skills. If you are interested in these personal mentoring opportunities please email Chris at


CS believes open source fills a vital role for core pieces of software and when applied appropriately adds value to any organisation, no matter the software goals.


CS has been involved in the construction of many systems including:

  • Air Traffic Control Voice Switching
  • Building Services including security, air conditioning, and energy management
  • NATO AWACS voice switch
  • NASA's MMS satellite
  • Advanced digital X-ray detector systems